Acousmatic Memories

Festival of sound projects

12-15 November 2014
Free admission to all events

Acousmatic experience arise wherever the source of sound is not seen. It occurs naturally in the forest. Which bird is singing? And where is the cicada I hear? As I approach, like the bird, it remains silent. We rarely see those animals. In the Amazon rainforest, someone might say that he has seen this or that animal. In fact, they have only heard it, because in the rainforest, listening is much easier than watching. At night, listening is even more acousmatic.

There was a time when we were not accustomed to accepting that any sound could emerge from a speaker and this used to cause surprise, so that the fact was perceived with an aura of magic and mystery. But after more than a century sharing our lives with speakers, the acousmatic experience is not surprising us anymore. We know that the speakers can play the sound of anything, animal or person : a cuckoo clock, a machine gun, the garbage collector lorry, someone coughing. Also, the thunder, that many cultures believed to be the voice of the gods, and of course music. Nowadays, we listen much more music through speakers than from musical instruments.

At the same time that all this began to happen, when speakers of radios and record players were good enough to broadcast or play concerts, the need arose to make music specially designed for those media. A music that could not exist without them; a specific music composed for speakers. Virtual, like them. Imaginary but not unreal, just to pretend to be impossible but possible in the end. A music free from the bounds of mechanics. This music that today seems somehow quite natural when we dance, we attended to a rave or a concert of electronic music, for instance. This music has a long history and beyond commercial and popular media subtle and profound experiments are still on and produce acousmatic music.

Zeppelin in 2014 wants to focus on some important steps of that story of the past that is however still going on. A day when all cars will be electric, and as only sound from rubbing tires with asphalt will be heard, it will be necessary to keep them sounding to prevent them to roll us. Will they sound as cars or will we prefer to customize as phones? In the latter case, this would open the door to a new type of acousmatic concert.

With the work of Bernard Parmegiani as a background, José Iges, Beatriz Ferreyra, Manuel Rocha and 14 composers from the ESMUC School of Music of Catalonia, speak and play through presentations and concerts how they see the historical overview of the acousmatic music and how their work is related to them.


Wednesday 12th

Acousmatic composition workshop with Beatriz Ferreyra
Sessions : 10.00 - 14.00  / 15.30 - 19-30
Information and registration: Orquestra del Caos caos@sonoscop.net

Friday 14th Sala Raval (CCCB)

18.00 h.
Exhibition of sound works

- Memories of Alice in Wonderland young composers of Esmuc Music School
- Dedicatorias José Iges
- Complete works of Pierre Schaeffer

19.00  h.
Round table: Acousmatic Stories
Beatriz Ferreyra, José Iges, Manuel Rocha. Modera: Josep Manuel Berenguer         

20.00 h.
Performance / Presentation / Talk by José Iges

Dedicatorias, by José Iges are short pieces created for some artists, friends and fellow travelers. They are full of irony, abstraction, elegy , game and a pleasure for the unexpected. Radio is a constant reference, not only because of biographical reasons.

21.00 h.
Presentation of Manuel Rocha's book El Eco está en todas partes.
Short concert of Manuel Rocha

In El eco está en todas partes the author presents his vision of electroacoustic composition from various essays, articles, scores, photographs, sketches, descriptions of parts and systems. After that Manuel Rocha will present some of his sound Works: Tactos, El Baño de Frida Kahlo, Casi Nada.

Saturday 15th Sala Raval (CCCB)

12.00 h.
Talk: Por acusmática no me viene nada.
Josep Manuel Berenguer y Medín Peirón.

A talk for all those who want to know what is, how is it made and how electronic music is played through speakers, what is the role of the performers in there and what is the challenge of every different space. An introduction which will help the listener wishing to appreciate the acousmatic proposals.

18.00 h.
Exhibition of sound works

- Memories of Alice in Wonderland young composers of Esmuc Music School
- Dedicatorias . José Iges
- Complete works of Pierre Schaeffer

19.00 h.
Acousmatic concert: Memories of Alice in Wonderland 2014

Collective work by students and alumni of the School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC): Laura Casaponsa, Carlos Rojo, Pablo Carrascosa, Nuño Fernández, Jordi Bosch, Ariadna Alsina, Medín Peirón, Victor Nunez, Xavier Bonfill, Daniel Fígols Gabriel Garcia, Raquel García Tomás, Marc Garcia Vitoria. Spatialization performance by the composers.

20.00 h.
Acousmatic concert: De Natura Sonorum, Bernard Parmegiani. 1975
Spatialization by Beatriz Ferreyra.

De Natura Sonorum whose title echoes the De rerum natura of Lucretius, also explores the multiplicity of sonic possibilities. This lavish book, with countless dazzling discoveries and insights, has influenced several generations of composers and remains a truly seminal piece in the soundscape of experimental music.

21.00 h.
Acousmatic concert: works by Beatriz Ferreyra
Spatialization by Beatriz Ferreyra.

The composer Beatriz Ferreyra will perform electroacoustic works composed between 2001 and 2007.

Les larmes de l'inconnu (2001) Echos (1978) The ba-balle du chien-chien à la mé-mère (2001), Jazz for Miles (2001), L'autre Rive (2007).



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